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WP8 7inch mockup tablet idea For a long time, Windows Phone users have speculated about the possibility of a Tablet based on the OS.

A long winded piece about Windows phone, Windows 8 and all of the architecture.  But the end result is that if Nokia is not working on a WP8-based 7" tablet right now they are even dumber than the harshest of their critics have accused them of being. 

The 7" tablet form factor/price combination with built-in telephony from Nokia is a hands-down killer piece of hardware that would legitimize Win Phone 8 nearly overnight and kickstart the integration of Microsoft's merger of the living room with the computer nook and the mobile user and do so in such a way that it would be hardware vendor non-specific unlike Google.

So, you can still buy PCs from HP, Dell, or build one yourself (if you're like me), an Xbox from Microsoft and a laptop from Lenovo.  Try that with Android unless the vendor is Samsung.