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  1. What are the most profound effects that digital bombardment has on children? How is this changing the way educators need to teach in today’s classrooms? The central issue is that kids tod...


The central issue is that kids today look pretty much the same as we did growing up, which belies the fact that on inside they are completely different.


Because of digital bombardment and their pervasive exposure to digital technology—exposure that primarily happens outside of school hours—our kids’ brains are literally being “rewired” on an ongoing basis. Their brains are constantly adapting to accommodate all the technology they spend so much time surrounded by.


They are what Canadian futurist Don Tapscott calls “screenagers”—the first generation that has grown up with a computer mouse and the assumption that images on a screen are to be interacted with. These technologies are their new learning tools and also are something to project their very identity onto – what writer Marc Prensky calls “digital natives.”


Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Gust MEES, Jim Lerman