In this animated video Dr. Susan Weinschenk demonstrates how user centered design results in significant return on investment (ROI). User eXperience (UX) is the science and art of designing a product like a website or a software application so that it's easy to use. So that it fits the expectation that the user has for it, and so that it meets business goals.

   There's a whole methodology around designing a user experience, and sometimes people ask me is it worth it to do all that work to design a user experience? Weinschenk tells about the return on investment (ROI) of doing user experience work.

   IEEE is a professional organization that puts out reports and does research for programmers, developers, and engineers, and they put out an article called "Why Software Fails".

Here's some interesting data from that article.


Bonus Information 1: The original IEEE article 'Why Software Fails': .

Bonus Information 2: Download the Infograph (PDF) of the ROI of UX featured in this video: .

Bonus Information 3: An even better documented article on 'Why Software Projects tend to Fail': .

Bonus Information 4: Even more information about how programmers look at this all: .


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