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At one point in my career where things were falling apart, I really questioned whether I just step out of the business once and for all. I did some soul searching and took stock of what I was effective in and how I would build again, IF I was going to stay. I’d worked with so many good mentors and I knew if I was to give such type of business another go, I would require like-minded individuals who I could trust for the long term. I interviewed a lot of people, systems, companies, considered my options, really took my time.

[''Reveune Times Review''] is something which has stayed the course and has developed a true knowledge from A to Z in this business. In addition to that, Revenue Times exemplifies teamwork better than anyone I have seen in a long time! The company understands big numbers and possibility, and is truly experienced, yet is down to earth in what creates movement in the day-to-day. Stepping into social media was important to me. Revenue Times, I am so glad I made the choice to work with you!