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The Mathematics of Revenue Cycle Strategy - Marketo

The Mathematics of Revenue Cycle Strategy - Marketo | Revenue Performance Strategy |
Learn how to think of your revenue mathematically with marketing automation, measure variables, and benchmark your measurements and drive them to improve.




I usually think of the revenue cycle like a factory line. Raw materials come in (“names”). They are processed (“revenue cycle stages”). And then the product comes out (“revenue”). If you think of it that way there are clear variables that will impact the product being produced.


The key revenue variables are the following:

    Number of names in Engaged status = A    Number of names added to Engaged status = B    Quantity of Engagement = C    Quality of Engagement = D    Product quality = E


What is the formula you might ask?

((A*weight 1) + (B*weight 2) + (C*weight 3) + (D*weight 4) + (E*weight)) = P*


P = your revenue cycle momentumIf P increases you will generate more revenueEach variable has a weighting adjustment to equalize their impact on your final number – therefore any variable change will impact P at the right magnitude
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Business-Accelerated Company's insight:

There's nothing like a good equation to set the parameters of your thinking and expectations.  You don't need to be an economist but you do need qualitative quantitative skills.  Business owners must make friends with math.  Your future revenues depend upon it.

CYDigital's curator insight, May 16, 2013 8:51 AM

We had to think hard about this one, and quickly realized that it is a relatively simple formula that has the potential to reveal gaps and opportunities. Not as clean as you may want, as it relies on your weighting, but a nice approach.

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5 Questions Competitive Analysis Tools Answer About Partnerships

5 Questions Competitive Analysis Tools Answer About Partnerships | Revenue Performance Strategy |

Like a marriage, a strategic partnership should be a union in which both parties bring something each party considers to be a valuable asset. Forming solid partnerships can be an effective strategy to increase revenue, grow market share, expand into new markets, or capture new customers among other factors. However, before making a relationship or partnership official (via paperwork), both parties should get to know each other to learn about their strengths, weaknesses and level of compatibility. For that reason, clearCi came up with five questions all organizations should answer with competitive analysis tools before tying the knot.

Business-Accelerated Company's insight:

Once the tools answer the initial questions, the due diligence begins.  It the strategic alliance partner right for you?  A re you right for the strategic partner?  Which implementation methods will be owned by you, by your partner?  Great questions, yield great insights and eliminate surprises.

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