Want to sell luxury handbags to Chinese tourists? Open more stores in Paris | Retail news | Scoop.it
The average Chinese traveler spent 48,000 yuan ($8,000) in France last year, up nearly 11% from 2012. That compares with a 3% overall decline in Chinese tourists’ per-capita spending. Driving that increase is a Chinese love of luxury. The average tourist spent 23,800 yuan ($3,923) in French stores last year—a 20% increase on 2012.The nearly $4,000 Chinese tourists are dropping in French stores is 45% more than in the UK.Brands such as LV have become almost too ubiquitous, meaning that shoppers, especially those heading overseas and looking to make a prestige purchase, are opting for alternatives.
Via Jerome Goldberg (JMG-Research / ForwardKeys)