Efficient, Contextual and Connected to the Environment: the T House in Quebec, Canada | retail and design | Scoop.it

Taking cues from its bucolic environment, this architecture is defined and modulated by the natural views, sunlight and the topography of the site.

T House was designed with state of the art technical specifications and a geothermal system for energy resources in a rural setting. Fenestration was applied as a function of climate and orientation to ensure the comfort of each space in winter and summer, and operable windows provide cross ventilation.

To the north, the house has few openings. To the south, the roof of the central space projects out over the patio just enough to protect the lobby from overheating in the summer while allowing winter rays to penetrate and bring solar gain. Concrete and natural stone flooring, cool in the summer; since they are exposed to direct sunlight and equipped with a hydronic heating system, they provide ideal comfort during the cold seasons as well...

Via Lauren Moss