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Rescooped by David Belfort from War Against Islam!

Video:Staged Terror Attacks Planned After NSA Scandal??

In today's video, Fabian Calvo of AMTV investigates the possibility of planned staged terror attacks as a result of the NSA scandal and recent revelations fr...

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David Belfort's insight:

Hang in there to the 2 min mark.  He has it nailed.  Hell, the US has been arming Al Q.  Remember Benghazi? What were we doing there! Arming Al Q.   . . . and on to full cavity searches . . . of US.

littlebytesnews's curator insight, August 6, 2013 7:58 PM

I don't know that they will stage terror attacks, and any attacks in the ME are likely legitimate terror attacks. They are on a constant state of alert over there and constantly being attacked in the Middle East, including in Israel. If there is an attack in the US I think it could be legitimate, however I am skeptical that there was a legitimate/imminent threat made recently against the US and feel the way the US is handling any threat made is weak. The US is cowering by closing down embassies and issuing a worldwide travel alert. Today they evacuated the Yemen embassy, even though I thought they had already closed it down, so why were there people still there?? 


But perhaps the real reason for the terror warning is to keep our military preoccupied so that they can't plot a coup against Obama, as reported by Swiss intel?? 

Swiss Intel warns against travel to US due to coup against Obama? | ;


I also agree with Michael Savage, this threat may be a false alarm and part of Obama’s plan to weaken US strength around the world as he arms AQ in Syria and elsewhere.Obama failed to secure ‪#‎Benghazi‬ mission a year ago& now he’s overreacting by closing our embassies globally;he should be increasing security! Instead he is showing weakness and emboldening Al Qaeda by cowering in fear by legitimizing these terrorists threats. We should limit staff, but increase security around the world at our embassies not be cowering in fear from “threats” made by Al Qaeda.

ABC News Video:Al Qaeda equipped with surgically implanted body bombs

Video: Muslim Brotherhood in the White House
&to embolden AQ>RT @pulpark: Michael Savage says,“US terror alert is the ‘Muslim’ president’s attempt to justify NSA



Obama Arming Al Qaeda in Syria As Global Terror Alert Issued


Obama Admin 'Hid' Massive Saudi Arms Deal in 2010 bypassed Congress while on recess&sold $60B jets&attack helicopters






US Relied on Muslim Brotherhood for Benghazi Consulate Security | FrontPage Magazine ;;

The real reason behind Benghazigate-Amb Stevens&Obama were arming jihadists in Libya&Syria ;

State Department emails from day of Libya attack show Al Qaeda-tied group on radar&WH Notified! ;


U.S. Officials Knew Within 24 hrs Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates ;

Obama's History of Terrorism Cover-ups:Benghazi in Little Rock,Then Ft Hood Massacre&Now Libya | ;


Video:Obama Admin. Was Likely Running Arms To Islamic Jihadists Through Benghazi. ;

SHOCKING testimony from Ambassador Stevens Deputy who says Special Forces were told to STAND DOWN during the embassy attack:


Did Obama fire 4 generals to cover up Benghazi, in addition to using false talking points?



Is this worse than Benghazi??
My blood is boiling!! The SEAL Team 6 families had their press conference today, and it is infuriating almost sounds worse than Benghazi.
Video:WTH??Obama admin allowed Muslim Cleric to Curse SEAL Team 6 Heroes at Their Funeral

SEAL Team 6 team sent home cremated draped w/Afghan Islamic flag,not USA flag over their caskets!?Obama's ROE-troops must be fired on twice to engage; 14,000 troops maimed under Obama, vs 2,000 under GWB in three years...
1250 pages of SEAL Team 6 investigation, nobody from Afghan military had any input in the investigation of the Chinook crash;why were 7 Afghan's replaced from flight w/SEALs?



Parents of Fallen Navy SEAL Lash out at Joe Biden: ;


Biden Reveals SEAL Team 6 as special forces who killed Osama rather than mentioning in general a "special forces team": ;


Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan Killing Members of SEAL Team 6:




#Impeach Kansas Sec of State to Eric Holder:The Obama administration has repeatedly violated the US Constitution;

Obama's 50 Impeachable Crimes and Counting | ;

More: ;; ;; ;

Obamacare Will Make Us a Part-Time Nation&Equally Poor ;
Mandate=Tax up to $2K per employee/individ&$27M-$47M/yr states

The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama--And An American Story  ;
Obama's drones and kill list

Scooped by David Belfort!

ICLEI Africa - Urban-Low Emission Development Strategies (Urban-LEDS)

ICLEI Africa - Urban-Low Emission Development Strategies (Urban-LEDS) | Responsible Freedom or No |
RT @Urban_LEDS: Local Renewables and Urban-LEDS South African Event Outcomes South African... via @ICLEIAfrica
David Belfort's insight:

NO:   Here people loose freedom to those who see humans as a blot on nature.  Corral them and control them, like cattle. 

David Belfort's comment, March 17, 2013 2:19 PM
Which is different than in a republic where there are property rights and government is the the servant of the citizen and not the other way around as it is with ICLEI initiatives like this. Look around, they are in your neighborhood. Our current city mayor is a 'star' in the ICLEI cavalcade of operative city mayors.
Scooped by David Belfort!

Rand Paul wins The Washington Times-CPAC 2013 Straw Poll

Rand Paul wins The Washington Times-CPAC 2013 Straw Poll | Responsible Freedom or No |
Sen. Rand Paul won the 2013 Washington Times-CPAC presidential preference straw poll Saturday, and Sen.
David Belfort's insight:

Sen. Rand Paul won the 2013 Washington Times-CPAC presidential preference straw poll Saturday, and Sen. Marco Rubio was a close second, easily outdistancing the rest of the field and signaling the rise of a new generation of conservative leaders who will take the Republican Party into the 2016 election

This is a good sign, conservatives are not caving to Karl Rovian Roving political stradegy.

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Rescooped by David Belfort from Curating the Web!! - Create and Share Audio! - Create and Share Audio | Responsible Freedom or No |

This is a great tool for creating short audio files which can be posted to Facebook, Twitter or shared by email. The tool runs in the browser but there are also apps for iPhone and Android. In the settings you can also change the speed and pitch of the wudio file. Very Useful.

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