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Rescooped by Chs Agora from The MarTech Digest!

Five Expert Guides to SEO Keyword Research | Webbiquity | #TheMarketingTechAlert

Five Expert Guides to SEO Keyword Research | Webbiquity | #TheMarketingTechAlert | Resources |

Learn about the most valuable tools and resources for keyword research and how to use keyword research results more strategically in these expert guides.


Basic/ Summarized...


-- >  Keyword Research 101: How to Discover New Keywords for Your Business by HubSpot

-- >  Google Keyword Planner: The Ultimate Guide by Razor Social
***** 5 STARS

-- >  The Hidden Guide To Keyword Research by Reporb SEO Business Courses

-- >  Multi-level Google Suggest Keyword Research: Featured Tool of the Month by SEO Chat

-- >  12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO by Content Marketing Institute



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Via CYDigital
Chs Agora's insight:

Experts share advice for online searching.

CYDigital's curator insight, January 7, 2014 7:54 PM

Another great find. Bookmark.

Rescooped by Chs Agora from 21st Century Teaching and Learning Resources!

Top Alternatives to Prezi and PowerPoint - the ultimate list

Top Alternatives to Prezi and PowerPoint - the ultimate list | Resources |

If you are tired of looking for great alternatives to Prezi – look no further, because I have the ultimate comprehensive list of PowerPoint alternatives right here.  No more boring presentations. With this list you can pick the perfect presentation tool or software for your presentation (be it on stage in-front of an audience or online for sharing).
We tested these 10 different alternatives to Prezi and PowerPoint and summarized what we thought about each one.

Via Baiba Svenca, Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.
Chs Agora's insight:

Tired of boring presentations...check out these alternatives.

Recep's curator insight, August 21, 2014 10:28 AM

this is truly amazing. 

Mayra.Loves.Books's curator insight, September 7, 2014 8:36 AM

This is pretty much an ad for emaze, but it's good to know what is available commercially in terms of presentations.

Ness Crouch's curator insight, April 5, 2015 12:59 AM

Interesting list. Worth checking out some of these tools to see if I like them better than Prezi :)