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KM Cyberary - a gateway to Knowledge Resources



KM Cyberary - a gateway to Knowledge Resources started in 2002. The main objective of the KM Cyberary project was to provide a unique platform for all types of users to reach their information. This is an accumulation of e-resources, which give links to various useful e-resources viz. Knowledge Management, Librarianship, Philosophy, Health, Technology, ITES/BPO/KPO/RPO, ITIL, Call Centres, Business Information and other subjects.


I hope this gateway may be of some help for users who are in search of information

Article on this Project is published as a Chapter in an Encyclopedia:

[Bhojaraju G (2006a)]. KM Cyberary - a gateway to Knowledge Resources. Encyclopedia of Portal Technology and Applications,Tatnall, A (Ed). (pp. ). USA: Idea Group Reference.


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KM Cyberary - http://kmcyberary.web.officelive.com



KM Cyberary: http://kmcyberary.web.officelive.com 

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