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CALS Biological & Agricultural Engineers at NC State University have received $267,173 from the NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources to implement stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the Roberson Creek Watershed near Pittsboro, NC.


Engineers for this project are Drs. Karen Hall; William Hunt, III; Daniel Line; Kristopher Bass; Jean Spooner; James Blackwell; and Ryan Winston.


Here's how the authors describe their project:


"The Robeson Creek Watershed is impaired for Total Phosphorus and Habitat Degradation. This project will implement stormwater BMPs recommended by both the 2003 TMDL implementation plan and the 2010 Robeson Creek Watershed Restoration Plan to help meet goals of reducing peak stormwater flows,


"Total Phosphorus (TP), Total Nitrogen (TN), total suspended solids (TSS), and improve and maintain aquatic habitat. Focus will be primarily on the Little Creek subwatershed. A stormwater wetland, a bioretention area, buffer plantings, and cisterns will be installed along a critical continuous segment of Little Creek tributary 1A that captures stormwater from urban development and a large parking lot in Pittsboro.


"Water quality sampling will be placed upstream and downstream of BMPs to determine effectiveness. An innovative upflow filter that targets Phosphorus removal will be installed on a farm pond that drains to Robeson Creek. Water quality monitoring will also occur upstream and downstream of this BMP to determine nutrient removal effectiveness. As recommended in the restoration plan, the ongoing educational campaign of the Robeson Creek Watershed council will be continued with quarterly stakeholder meetings, tours, workshops, newsletters, and informational signs at BMP locations."