NC State News :: Unexpected Finding Shows Climate Change Complexities in Soil | Research from the NC Agricultural Research Service |

Scientists have assumed that elevated CO2 would stimulate the beneficial plant root fungi, arbuscular mycorrhizae (AMF), to sequester carbon in the soil.


This study challenges that assumption, and predictions based upon it, of carbon balance in future climate change. USDA funded the study.


Drs. H. David Shew (Plant Pathology) & Thomas Rufty (Crop Science) co-authored with Drs. Fitz Booker & Kent Burkey, of CALS & the USDA Agriculture Research Service. The first author is former NC State graduate student, Lei Cheng; and postdoctoral researchers Cong Tu & Lishi Zhou also co-authored.


The article appears in Science for 31 August 2012: Vol. 337 no. 6098 pp. 1084-1087