Split ends imply your hair is not getting sufficient nourishment and lacks vitality. Sun exposure, harsh shampoos, blow drying, colorings, straightening and bleaches dry off the hair and spoils the amino acids in your hair. Dehydrated and injured hair breaks fast at the time of brushing or styling. If you believe your hair is not developing rapidly, then split ends might be the probable reason. Repairing Split Ends can be achieved through several ways. Alcohol Liberated Shampoo Repairing of split ends can be made easier by using shampoos which are free from alcohol content. Using shampoos, which contain natural constituents, keeps your hair healthy and offers enough moisture. Moreover, too much washing with harsh shampoos make hair ends dehydrated. You must not clean your hair more than three times in a week. It is better to clean your hair once in two days than daily. Furthermore, avoid washing your hair using salty or hot water. Have Natural Dry After washing your hair, allow it to dry naturally. This is the best possible way of treating split ends. Keep away from heat as much as possible during washing. Heat is the most horrible enemy of your hair. However, it is inflexible to totally avoid flat iron and hair dryers. Applying a heat resistant serum is an ideal option for your hair prior to using heat. Furthermore, make use of curlers and flat irons rarely. This will make hair strands remain healthy and shining. Useful Tips for Revamping Split Ends 1. Brush your hair thoroughly before showering to avoid split ends. By doing so, it will reduce tangles and put off breakage. Apply shampoo towards the top of your head, and foam it gently downward keeping the hair straight. 2. Use a bounty of conditioner during showering and make use of a leave-in after, if required. This will not only keep your hair smooth, but also prevent breakage of hair. This is an ideal way of repairing split ends. 3. Do not brush your wet hair. This is the most significant thing to avoid, but if you did the aforesaid two steps, and do not crumple your hair up in a towel; you must be able to effortlessly comb through it. 4. Shun the heat styling devices. Anything that employs heat such as blow dryers, curling irons, etc., to treat your hair is damaging. Try testing with dissimilar hairstyles that do not call for a shiny look. Fashion it with a little mousse and go for air drying. 5. When trimming your hair, cut about 1 ½ inches on top of your split ends. If left unattended, split ends will not get treated effectively. 6. Make use of a split end treatment to put off splitting. Several hair care products are available that assist greatly in treating split ends. However, all the products are not available in identical forms. They come in diverse forms such as conditioners, serums, shampoos, etc. Choose your product, and then subject them to right kind of hair treatment. To get more details about repairing split ends log on to http://www.hairbreakage.net/.