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be good in office ok!


妈妈: Bye bye aeon , bye bye Ayca ! ( 一定要分开说。。。不然她们会投诉 )
妤恩: Bye bye mummy..
妤瞳: Bye bye mummy...

妤恩: bye mummy , be good in office ok!
妤瞳: Bye mummy...
* Cant help it but keep laughing after aeon said that.

妈妈: Bye bye
妤恩: I love you mummy, be careful ok!
妤瞳: I Love you mummy...
*She is very lovely, when she see her papa cross the road she will say the same thing also. ( Be careful ok papa ) or see her papa stand on the chair fixing something.

妤恩: bye mummy ...Muaks...
妤瞳: Bye mummy...

Cha cha will just copy whatever jiejie say.
Basically they wont stop saying bye bye ...even i'm far from the door i can still hear them saying bye bye)

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Aeon holding a mother's day card.

Aeon : mummy this is for mother's day
Mummy : Who is your mother ?
Aeon : you, you are my mother.

Mummy : is Ping yiyi a mother ?
Aeon : No.

Mummy : is Elaine yiyi a mother ?
Aeon : Yes
Mummy : whose mother ?
Aeon : Yuki jiejie and Ethan

Mummy : is popo a mother ?
Aeon : NO.. popo is 老太太!!!

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以前泳池那么远都会take shuttle bus过来游。
可是自从搬来depot office之后都没有游,泳池就在office楼下。
是不是很贱 ?

21 May 12 , 10 rounds only.

23 May 12, started again...yes finally after so long.
today 20 rounds.

Hope to continue at least twice a week. Gambateh!!

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