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Music is not something new if we look back into history we come to know about the existence of music many years back. In the current world music is classified into different categories such as jazz, hip hop, classic, Indian, blues, folk, rock & roll etc. Each genre has never ending modifications as well that makes the range more extensive and diverse. Choice of music differs due to language, cultural and life style differences as people living in USA like different music from those living in India.

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Relation of Music and life


Music has become the part of life and the fact is quite evident in weddings, convocations, funeral ceremonies where music is the essential feature of the event. Music is known as the language of universe so now let’s have a look how music makes different aspects of your life enjoyable and pleasant.


Music and Creativity


Creativity is linked to music because when a mind is fresh only then innovations and discoveries take place. Music of your choice makes the mind fresh and all arts such as painting, writing, theatre, and dance all come in their best form when they accompany music.


Music and Education


It has a very pleasant effect on education and when education is joined with something musical the best results are produced. It proves to be a great tool of memorization in the classroom as many teachers experienced when they use music for something to memorize students memorize more quickly. It is useful especially for preschool students and they enjoy a lot when they learn rhymes


Music and unity


There is something common in music that it brings all of us together and removes all the differences. It is embedded in the souls and everyone understands the language of music. The beat of music can be understood by everyone so it is the source of unity among tribes, nations and countries.


Music and sports


It has a vital role in sports as sport persons, and athletes use it as the part of their workout routine. They feel motivated and energetic by listening to their favorite songs and perform at the best of their abilities.

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