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RejuvaMD | RejuvaMD |









100 Steeles Ave W #34c
Toronto, ON L4J 7Y1
(905) 707-6080



RejuvaMD is an anti-aging clinic based in Toronto, Canada. The clinic specializes in using advanced techniques in the administration of botox and filler injectable treatments. RejuvaMD was founded by Dr. Amir Rouzati. Dr Rouzati has previously served as the medical director for the largest medical cosmetic clinic in North America. This experience allows him to bring a wealth of experience to his private practice along with his own unique approach to detail and safety.


Dr Rouzati began his medical career as a surgical intern at the University of British Columbia. Over the years he found himself being drawn toward minimally invasive anti-aging procedures.


Dr Rouzati is actively engaged in educating other physicians about Botox and filler procedures. Dr Rouzatti offers a complete clinically based program that allows training physicians the chance to experience injecting real patients across a range of customer clinical interactions. Dr Rouzatti’s training program also offers newly trained physicians training in effective methods for marketing a cosmetic practice.


RejuaMD is one of the fastest growing anti-aging clinics in all of Canada. Dr Rouzati’s training program is also one of the most respected and fastest growing botox training programs in Canada. Dr Rouzatti is one of the highest volume injectors of Botox and Fillers in Toronto.


RejuvaMD also offer migraine treatment services, treatment for excessive sweating, laser hair removal and laser resurfacing. Botox has been found to be an effective treatment for migraine headaches. Dr Rouzatti directly injects into specific trigger points. He will design an individualized injection plan that involves small painless injections to the scalp, neck and face areas.

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