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How the British (literally) Landscaped the World

How the British (literally) Landscaped the World | Regional Geography |

"Did you hear about the Five Pillars of British Landscaping Empire during your religion classes? To sort them by order of importance within the Holy Book of Grass: First is Grass. Second is pasture grass (this one comes with fences). Third is leisure grass. Forth is golf grass. Fifth is: you never have enough flowers & cute little benches on your grass."

Seth Dixon's insight:

I've written in the past about the aesthetics of the an ideal British landscape (as embodied in the anthem Jerusalem).  The British ideal was to tame nature; the Canadians on the other hand, embraced the wildness of the natural landscapeThose difference normative views of landscape helped to shape national identity and inform land use decision-making processes.     

megan b clement's comment, December 16, 2013 1:33 AM
This article talks about how the British are the ones who shaped landscaping for the rest of the world. Growing grass in places where grass didnt grow or cute park benches. The pictures of the Bristish landscape were all lush and beautiful. I never knew where the idea of lanscaping had come from.
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