At least 20 tools that might help you curate something | Regional Geography |

If you are looking for a deeper look into curating, it can be found. I want to build a curation tool, so I am working my way though my backlog of pinboard links about curation. Here I have a list of all the tools I can find that would be considered curation tools.  Curating, blogging and critiquing can be excellent forms of student projects. 


Curating Tools (My personal favorites):

 Storify :

 Scoop It :


Blogging Tools (My personal favorites):






 Additional Curating Tools:

Stellar :

Bundlr :

Curated By :

Thoora :

Postpost :

Snipi :

trap!t :

scrible :

faveous :

memonic :

Bag The Web :


And more at Rumproarious :

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