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which is great for boosting microcirculation which brings me onto puffiness if somebody rises really puffy face then a my eyes actually its many eyes that are really puffy have done a whole film about puffy eyes so rather than just go on about it now Aim going to put a link to that film under in but we do offer news the green tea ice keys which I swear by and also muslin cloths which can be put into cold water and just held on the face to reduce puffiness in kind of calm all that down properly linked to the film so that is really nice that we have in the kit is this works misses the in transit muscle therapy and this is a role on from really tight shoulders and it contains am black cracked pepper and clothes which is really good for relieving pain like the clover ease on toothache it’s good because you can we press hard so imam prepping the skin do really good massage all around the shoulders and neck know somebody walks in on the phone haven argument and they're wrong just happened to my agent at this nonslip this ads to really mass orgy hard and then once he finished