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Employee Screening for Better Hiring

Employee Screening for Better Hiring | Recruitment Diaries |
Changes are a prominent feature in the world we live. With time gradually, the method of doing various things also changes. New techniques evolve and come up with time. In the job recruitment process...
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Ten Positive signs your Job #Interview went well!

Ten Positive signs your Job #Interview went well! | Recruitment Diaries |
Waiting for the result of a job interview can be a lot of guesswork. Read this article to have gist on what your employer thinks about you just as you step out of the interview room!

Via Cruise Line Class, Understanding Recruitment
Cruise Line Class's curator insight, March 11, 2014 10:56 AM

Nice article with excellent points!


Other potential good signs:

- The Recruiter or HR Manager starts cheering for you and begins almost coaching you on how to dress, or gives you tips on the department manager, or on what to expect with a second interview.

- Both the Recruiter and Hiring Manager ask you soon can you start?

- If the HR Manager asks you if it is okay with you that they contact your current employer for a reference

- If they start providing you with more information on the company, the job, and company orientation information to read.


Regardless if you say to your friends and family..."I saw the sign" -- they loved me.  Please don't ever give your notice until you have received the official offer letter in writing.


Things change quickly with companies, and I have seen positions placed on hold or an internal candidate promoted into a position at the last hour.


All you can do is put 100% of your energy and focus on what you have control over, and that is on what you think, say, and do.


Until we speak again...PS - Live on Purpose!



Elizabeth Moore's curator insight, March 12, 2014 7:10 AM