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[ Updated 10.27.11 ]


Kris Drey, founder of Vidcompare, recently released an excellent reference list of online video platforms (OVPs) publicly.




Until now, as far as I'm aware, finding this many reputable & relevant OVPs in one spot was not even possible outside of Vidcompare (or maybe even this Scoop.it topic) prior to now.


So I applaud Kris for sharing his list so openly, especially since such valuable information could easily be considered a vital component to the success of his own site.


Some of the platforms Kris listed are not currently included here in my curated OVP topic, so I highly recommend that you click through to read it and also visit http://vidcompare.com directly. It truly houses the most "comprehensive and robust" list of available OVPs and is the only resource, I know of, that allows you to compare various platforms side by side. It also provides stellar "deep dive" reviews of individual platforms, from guest blogger and OVP ninja Charlie Davis http://bit.ly/pYFhVd


Thanks again everyone for all your amazing support with this topic.


Enjoy, Joe B.


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