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Snooki got married (and there was no leopard print in sight)

Snooki got married (and there was no leopard print in sight) | Reality TV and PR |
Oh, Snooki. It seems only yesterday you were making calls on the duck phone and tending your pouf at the "Jersey Shore" house.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

The last article that I chose to do in order to complete my 10 scoop it’s is about Snooki, the Jersey Shore alum. Even though the show that jump kicked her stardom has been over for a few years now, she is still still in the lime light with her own MTV show with best friend Jenni Farley. However the Snooki we knew from Jersey Shore to the Snooki we know now could easily look and act like two different people.


This article talks about Nicole, Snooki’s real name and what she goes by more often now, getting married to her longtime boyfriend and father of her two children, Gionni LaVelle. From this article she even acknowledges that she is not the same person. She says how she is over the leopard print and is now more a classic, timeless look kind of girl. Even though that is just about her style, I think it shows that she has grown up and matured since her Jersey Shore days. But trying to repair the reputation that she built for herself as the slutty, too drunk to talk, annoying yet fun girl on the show has taken some time and transformation.

I related this article back to the Image Restoration Theory that we talk about early on in the semester in Week 3. While this varies from usually Image Restoration Theory because there wasn’t one big scandal that caused her image become negative, it is still a perfect example. This shows how over time you can change your image and change the public’s perception. The exact article it is related to is the Pay for Play article.


The main strategy that Nicole has used over the course of time is corrective action. She saw the type of person she looked like on TV and saw what the public and the media had to say about her and she decided to correct all of her bad habits. Since Jersey Shore has ended Nicole has settled down and became family-orientated and while still fun and funny and remaining herself, she is much more mature and classy about how she acts. She may still burp on her TV show but she isn’t getting naked and sleeping with random people and getting arrested on the beach anymore. She also is very into fitness and keeping herself healthy. She lost all of the trashy clothes and horrible make-up that she wore and has traded up for more elegant clothing and as she said, timeless look. Corrective action says that the person either goes back to how they were prior to the incident or they vow to change for the future, and Nicole has changed.

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Thank You, Duggars, Your Homophobia Is Really a Public Service

Thank You, Duggars, Your Homophobia Is Really a Public Service | Reality TV and PR |
When gay marriage is passing in state after state, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is on the bandwagon
Kim Chappelear's insight:

19 & Counting is a show on the network TLC about a religious family that consists of 19 kids and it’s all about them functioning and growing up in a family so big. It seems like it is one of the only reality shows left that is family orientated and based on morals without dealing with drugs, sex and alcohol and a lot of that is because of the values that the parents instill in their kids. You would think with the show being so well-intentioned that there would not be any issue or controversy but as of recent, the matriarch of the Duggars has come under fire.


Recently on the show’s Facebook page the Duggars asked people to post pictures of married couples kissing. Doesn’t seem that bad right? However then when a gay married couple posted a picture of themselves kissing, the Duggars deleted the picture from their page causing the controversy. It caused to start a petition to remove the Duggars from TLC and has over 12,000 signatures. This isn’t the first time the Duggars have been deemed homophobic. Mrs. Duggar also wanted to repeal a law banning discrimination against gender identity, targeting transgender me and women. There have also been many other reality TV stars who have made, what many would think are homophobic comments to the media like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty and it has caused them scrutiny.


This relates to PR one because these “stars” should know what is acceptable and not acceptable to say to the media and to the public since they are in the limelight and two because many PR agents have to deal with their clients saying things they shouldn’t, like these clients for example.


The reading that I related this back to is from Week 10 about Amy’s Bakery titled, “Lesson’s from Amy’s Baking Company: Six Things You Should Never Do On Social Media” by Kelly Clay. It doesn’t exactly fit every rule because this article has nothing to do with Reddit but it does fit some of the rules and could show a few more that could help folks out.


One of those rules is Don’t Insult People. This fits in this case because whether or not it is their beliefs, in the Duggar case or the Duck Dynasty case, they know that these beliefs will insult someone so it is better kept to themselves. They have to remember that they are in the public eye and they need the public approval to stay relevant so they should learn to not insult the fans who make them famous.


Going along with that is the rule to Learn To Walk Away. Just don’t say anything at all even if it is your beliefs. Almost like the old rule if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. With many of the celebrities that insult people and cause a stir they could have easily declined to comment or said something avoiding answering the questions. With this case, the Duggars should have just left the picture up since they asked any married couple to send it in and they are on a gay-friendly network.

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CNBC’s primetime reinvention and how ‘Shark Tank’ helped make the network a home for reality TV

CNBC’s primetime reinvention and how ‘Shark Tank’ helped make the network a home for reality TV | Reality TV and PR |
The business news network isn't just stock market and Suze Orman anymore.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

If you are ever looking for a new show to watch, CNBC's Shark Tank is a good one to tune into. The show is about people who come on with inventions and ideas that they want financial backing for. They then pitch their ideas to a panel of "sharks". The sharks are 4 business savvy self-made millionaires who are looking to invest their money into the next big product. They then offer the guests a certain amount of money or stake in their company or nothing depending on if they like the idea. Some people walk away with the best deal and some walk away with nothing. The reason that people go on this show is to get financial backing but it also free publicity and free PR for their business or product that they are trying to get off the ground.


When I first read this article and was thinking of reading’s that it could relate back to I automatically thought of the reading from Week 9 by Drake Baer and Gus Lubin titled “58 Cognitive Biases”.  The reason this reading stuck out me was because I think that the contestants use a lot of these, or should use them, to persuade the sharks to back them just like PR professional can use them to persuade the media or to persuade a client to use them. I’m going to mention a few of the top ones that stuck out to me instead of going through all 58.


One of them is anchoring bias and it says that people rely on the first piece of information they hear. The example is with salary negotiations, the person who gives the first number sets the range and the same goes for this show. Whatever the first shark offers sets the tone for what the others offer and what the contestant accepts or denies or counter offers also sets the tone for what is negotiated.


Another example is bandwagon effect which is self-explanatory and says an individual will follow along with whatever the majority does.  This works for the show because it seems like most of the time when everyone else is against an offer, it only takes one shark to say yes before the other ones reconsider and also jump on board. Almost like on The Voice when one chair turns around usually another follows. Same for in PR when something works, such as when social media hit the scene, and it worked for one company then all the others followed along. There are many more biases that will apply but these two are the major ones that always seem to work.

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Raven-Symone Responds To Oprah Interview Backlash: 'I Never Said I Wasn’t Black'

Raven-Symone Responds To Oprah Interview Backlash: 'I Never Said I Wasn’t Black' | Reality TV and PR |
Raven-Symone explains what she meant in her Oprah interview with a new statement.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

One of the most recent topics we discussed in class was child stars having to revamp their identities. Once they grow up and out of their childhood stages, many stars fall off the map and turn into complete train wrecks such as Amanda Bynes for example.

Other stars successfully turn their identities around and still remain relevant while others still struggle to hold on. Raven Symone is one of those actors struggling to stay relevant.


She recently came out to as a lesbian (even though she doesn’t like labels) when gay marriage was approved and shocked all of us who grew up with her, whether it be with younger generations who watched her on That’s So Raven or our parents who knew her from a little kid on The Cosby Show. To me at first it was unclear if her coming out was an attempt to stay relevant or if she was finally ‘being herself.’But then besides just coming out, Symone also made a wave by going on and doing an interview on Oprah’s show ‘Where Are They Now?’ In her interview she made very bold statements and statements she knew would get headlines. Even Oprah commented “your going to set Twitter ablaze,” to her comment that she does not define herself as African-American or Black but as a “human who loves humans.” She seemed to still stand her ground on the show, even after Oprah’s comments, that she does not like labels or agree with using labels.


In this article, she does a turn around clarifying what she means by saying her comment is not that she isn’t proud to black or that she isn’t black, but she doesn’t want to be just identified as just one type of human and that she associates and relates with all types.


In the article we recently read from by Robert Wynne, “PR Secrets of Miley”, Symone is trying to pick up on a few of these tricks. A few tricks that Symone is utilizing are 1) Controversy sells, 2) Be Memorable, 3) Use Social Media and 4) Publicize your demographics. 


She knew that by saying that she does not like labels and that as a society we put to much emphasis on labels she would get attention.  When she dropped the bombed saying that she does not label herself African-American, which is ironic since she plays on total African-American based shows, she knew for a little while at least she would be relevant. 


She is memorable by being one of the first Disney stars to come out publicly and advocate for gay rights and I also think how her hair was and everything about that interview she did to be memorable. She looked memorable and she showed no regret for her statement, even when Oprah popped up out of her chair and pointed out what she had started, it was all memorable. 


She used social media when she first came out as a lesbian and she continued to use it and be active on it when her name kept circulating about coming out then when she went on Oprah and make her comments, her name was trending the next day.


I also think that by coming out the way she did she was targeting young demographics. She used social media to display her relationship and come out which is mostly full of the young generation. Then on the show how her hair was all different colors, she just seemed to be attracting a younger audience, an audience who would see her as a trendsetter and a trailblazer and that would remember her from ‘That’s So Raven’. She targeted the right demographic I think especially since gay rights has really come about with our younger generation and being open and not being defined by labels is something many young Americans advocate for and want to see happen.


As far as a PR stunt goes I think this gained her some publicity and maybe gave her more of a platform to stand on to advocate gay rights but I don’t think it will cause her to stay relevant or get back in the limelight anytime soon. She is definitely no Miley Cyrus, but I don’t think she planned to be that extreme. I think this stunt was designed to just bring her name back to the surface again and it has worked so far.

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RHONJ: 'I'm Numb,' Says Teresa Giudice After Pleading Guilty in Court

RHONJ: 'I'm Numb,' Says Teresa Giudice After Pleading Guilty in Court | Reality TV and PR |
Giudice's daughter Gia breaks down after telling her mother, "I know what's going on"
Kim Chappelear's insight:

          The idea of possibly going to prison is a lot for anyone to wrap their minds around, but being the star on a hit reality television show and always being in the spotlight makes it that much more difficult.. One of the more recent scandals to take place in the world of reality TV involves the a star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) Teresa Guidice, and her husband Joe Guidice.


        The scandal in a nutshell is that the Guidices have been brought up on numerous charges, including bankruptcy fraud, all adding up to 41 charges total against the couple. If found guilty, both could face jail time and Joe could face deportation back to Italy. However back in March the couple agreed to a plea deal with Guidice pleading guilty to 4 counts and Joe pleading to 5 counts of bankruptcy fraud.


        All of this happened while Guidice and her family were filming for the upcoming season of RHONJ that aired 4 weeks ago.This season you see a very mellow side to the star and a very scared, sad side to her that is different from the table-flipping drama starter she was. Guidice in her interviews on the show kind of plays it off like while she accepts responsibility, she did not know what was going on with their financials. She also shows her children and what they are going through, I think to show that she cannot go to prison because what would her girls do?


         While I'm sure her worries are real, continuing filming for the show throughout the case is a method to gain sympathy and show how vulnerable she is as a mother and a woman, for example when she is praying and comforting her crying kids In front of cameras.  In a way I think she is using the passive agenda setting theory, which we learned about in our reading, "Applying Theory to Public Relations Campaigns" by Bobbit and Sullivan. By letting the media and the show, not tell the public what to think by saying "she is innocent" but by putting in their minds that she is scared, these kids need their mom, she can't go to jail and she had no idea what her husband was doing.


        One statement that has came from Guidice to the press when she accepted a plea deal was, “Today I took responsibility for a series of mistakes I made several years ago… I express remorse… I am heartbroken this is affecting my family, especially my four young daughters who mean more to me than anything in the world.” She has also said “We are good people.. we will make this right.”


        With that quote is another strategy we have seen Guidice use, the Image Restoration Theory. From that theory we have seen her use many  strategies in her public statements such as Mortification, Minimization and Corrective Action and she gave Compensation for her offenses. She uses Mortification by apologizing and saying how she is remorseful and takes responsibility for her actions. She shows Minimization by saying the mistakes she made happened several years and it’s not something recent that they have done, it just has recently caught up with them but back then she didn’t realize how wrong it was. She then uses Corrective Action by saying that she will make it all right . Also in their plea deal the couple has to pay over thousands of dollars possibly up to a million of compensation and they both say that they are more than willing to do that because they know what they did was wrong which is the Compensation.


        Another strategy I think that was used is Guidice not giving all of her statements in public herself; her lawyer gives a lot of them like the first quote given above. I think that is because when she talks she gets sympathy but it only goes so far before it becomes repetitive. When her lawyer speaks for her it gives another person saying somberly how regretful she is and how she is only worried about her children because if she said that herself, it just wouldn’t seem sincere. Just like in the reading "Pay for Play" we had where the athletes have coaches who speak on their behalf because you cannot bolster yourself or have pity on yourself without it coming off wrong to listeners.


        Also one noticeable thing is that Joe doesn’t give interviews on the show, he plays it off in scenes like he is not as worried about it and everything will work out and  anytime they enter or leave court she will give statements to the press but Joe doesn’t speak for the most part. I think that is a PR strategy for them because she is more likely to gain sympathy from the public while Joe easily comes off arrogant when he speaks.

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She's Back! Julianne Hough Returning to Dancing With the Stars as Fourth Judge

She's Back! Julianne Hough Returning to Dancing With the Stars as Fourth Judge | Reality TV and PR |
It's official: Julianne Hough is returning to Dancing With the Stars as a new judge. The former d...
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Kim Kardashian Full Frontal Nude: PR Genius Strikes Again

Kim Kardashian Full Frontal Nude: PR Genius Strikes Again | Reality TV and PR |
Reality star wearing nothing but a smile in latest issue of Paper magazine
Kim Chappelear's insight:

I’m sure everyone has either seen or heard about Kim Kardashian trying to “break the internet” with her photo-shoot in Paper magazine a few weeks back. But behind the shock and risqué-ness of her photos, there is some genius. For anyone who says Kim Kardashian doesn’t have talent this photo proves otherwise. One she can balance a champagne glass on her backside and two she knows how to stay relevant. She has built herself up from being a sex scandal into a world-known brand that whether you envy or despise, you know about. From her family’s TV show and the many successful merchandise lines to gracing the cover of every major magazine and being paid big bucks just to show her face or wear a designer, Kim been very meticulous about how she brands herself and the portrayal she gives off to the media.


In this article, they coin her as a “PR genius” which many would argue with but when you look at the facts and the way she does business, she is very smart. She knows what her assets are (literally) and what she is famous for and she embraces it and capitalizes on it.

With her savviness for media and media relations, I related this article back to one we discussed in Week 9 titled, “ 4 ways media relations is like ‘The Hunger Games’”. From the title of the article you can understand its content but I replaced how PR majors use it with how Kim K uses it.


First rule, Stay Alive. PR majors use this rule in terms of building awareness and keep their product or client relevant. It says “crafting relevant and timely pitches makes our clients top of mind and newsworthy, fueling media coverage and sales.” Kim K does this perfectly. Every time she does something that raises eyebrows she is keeping herself relevant and usually every time she does like something like this or posing for playboy, she also is tweeting about their products on her Twitter or promoting her show. Everything she does, especially with the media, is planned and timed.


Second rule, Make Alliances. PR professionals do this by working with the press and working with other professionals. Kim K does this by befriending celebrities and getting in with the inner circles and rising to the top. Even the people she marries and dates have some sort of plan behind it. She doesn’t just date a no-name. She also is well known for being friendly with the media. She knows that they are doing their job and instead of shying away from it or getting mad like many celebrities, she usually gives them what they want whether a statement or photo and politely goes on her way.


Third Rule, Remember the Enemy. Going along with number 2, Kim knows that media is her ally and she needs them to stay relevant and on top of the world. Even when they post negative things about her you never really see her lash out. She will address the untruths on her show or in interviews but she does so politely and never causing a scene.


Fourth rule, Have No Fear. This says that you should treat every interview or phone call like it’s your last and position your client or product the best you can. Kim does this by taking interviews and she is always willing to bear all and doesn’t hide her life. Many criticize how their show is so open and they don’t keep private life private, but that is arguably what makes them so interesting and famous. They also jump on every opportunity and take chances, like being completely naked for a magazine.

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Todd Chrisley Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship With His Bipolar Son, Kyle: I Want What's Best for Him

Todd Chrisley Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship With His Bipolar Son, Kyle: I Want What's Best for Him | Reality TV and PR |
Todd Chrisley is known to keep his children in line. On his hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best...
Kim Chappelear's insight:

One of the newer reality shows, Chrisley Knows Best, is going into its second season on the E! network and has come under recent scrutiny. The show is very family orientated, funny and witty with the father Todd Chrisley being the main character on the show keeping his family of young children in line.


The scrutiny of Todd Chrisley and the show comes from his eldest son, Kyle who did an interview with Daily Mail where he called his dad a toxic snake and blamed him for ruining him and spoiling and ruining the other three children who are featured on the show. He also went on to say that the only reason his mix-raced daughter Chloe, Todd’s granddaughter, is on the show is to make him appealing to all demographics and for ratings.  The current situations with Chrisley and his son is that after leaving the show he moved out of the house and the family has not been able to locate him for seven months. The Chrisley’s have custody of their granddaughter.


This article is all about Todd Chrisley defending himself and in a way sticking up for his son even though he is hurt by what has played out.  He sticks up for his son by discussing Kyle’s bi-polar disorder and how severe it is and goes on to say that he still wants the best for him. He also discredits all of the rumors about his son being kicked off the show and says that the most hurtful thing is what his son said about why his granddaughter Chloe is on the show.


Some of the PR tactics that came to mind when I read this and I thought related to this article come from the Bobbit & Sullivan Applying Theory to Public Relations Campaigns reading from Week 2. The two theories that caught my attentions were the Activation Theory and the Source Credibility Theory.


The Activation Theory says that persuasive messages are most effective when it doesn’t have to compete with a strong, previously held attitude. I think this theory fits with the Chrisley situations because in this article he is addressing his sons statements but at the same time he trying to almost protect him and persuade the audience to not be harsh on his son because he has a disorder that he needs help for. I think he doesn’t have to fight or persuade to much against these messages because on the show he does seem like such a great man and in his interview he seems very sincere and his reputation is clean besides this incident.


That also plays into the Source Credibility Theory, which says that a main factor in a message being believed is the source and their trustworthiness and expertise. I think with Chrisley’s son having a disorder like this it makes his credibility questionable. Also the fact that he is going against his family in such a harsh manor, by a public interview, and the fact that his family has custody of his daughter and he’s disappeared says a lot to his son’s credibility and his mental health.


I also think it was a good PR decision on Chrisley's side to address the article and to do so in a loving parent kind of way. Not a defensive manner, even though he is defending himself he also still protects his son. 

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Kailyn Lowry On 'Teen Mom 2' Finale Comments: 'I'm Deeply Sorry'

Kailyn Lowry On 'Teen Mom 2' Finale Comments: 'I'm Deeply Sorry' | Reality TV and PR |
Kailyn Lowry apologizes for comments made to her ex during the 'Teen Mom 2' finale.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

Teen Mom 2 has always been a controversial show ever since it aired or started as 16 & Pregnant. However this time the controversy isn’t over teen pregnancy rates or whether or not this show sends out the wrong messages, it is over the issue of race and stereotyping.


One of the four stars of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry made some less than appropriate statements on the season finale of the show a few weeks back regarding her son Isaac. She told her ex-boyfriend Jo that she did not like the way he was dressing their son and cutting his hair when he had him in his custody. But instead of just saying that, she said on national television, “Little white boys don’t get their hair cut like that”… “He’s half white.”


You can tell why these statements made such uproar even though Lowry seems far from racist considering she had her first child with a Hispanic man and is married and has a second child with a different Hispanic man. Besides the fact though, Lowry took social media to defend herself.


She asked for forgiveness for her statements and said how “deeply sorry” she is. “They were not a representation of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family.” It also helped Kailyn that her Hispanic husband Javi took to her defense on the Reunion, when Kailyn came under fire, stating that she is not racist at all and that she just chose the wrong words to express herself.


The readings that I think went along with this article were from Week 3 and Week 11. Week 3 we talked about the Benoit’s Image Restoration Theory and I think that when Kailyn took to social media, made her statement for MTV to release on the subject, and spoke to viewers on the Reunion that she was trying to restore her image.  She and her husband use Bolstering to try and bring to light that she isn’t racist; she has kids of a different race and is married to a different race. She mainly uses Mortification though and apologizes numerous times for her statements. She says she realizes that her statements were wrong and she is sorry for making them and is sorry to anyone she offended. She goes on to say that she realizes “no amount of sorry will make it better.”


I also think this articles relates to the Jay-Z and Beyonce articles we talked about in Week 11. I think it relates because Beyonce used social media by taking to Instagram to shut down any rumors about her or her family and she has done it over and over. Even though she did not speak publicly like Lowry did, they both used mediums that would reach their audiences. Beyonce used Instagram and Kailyn took to Twitter. I think that is smart on her part because Teen Mom 2 and all of the stars of the show have HUGE Twitter followings so that would be her way to clear up any rumors and get a statement out to the most people in the easiest way.  I just think they both were very smart in the tactics that they used to get their messages across. 

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Teresa Giudice says she was 'not expecting' jail time, Joe Giudice admits 'there were illegal things' in Part 1 of Bravo interview

Teresa Giudice says she was 'not expecting' jail time, Joe Giudice admits 'there were illegal things' in Part 1 of Bravo interview | Reality TV and PR |
"I didn't understand that part," the "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" star told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen on a Bravo special where Teresa and her husband Joe discussed the prison terms to which they were sentenced last Thursday.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

Teresa and Joe Guidice are still making headlines. Back in March, Teresa agreed to a plea deal of guilty on four counts of fraud while Joe pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud. This past weekend, the couples were finally sentenced. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months and Joe to 41 months and facing “imminent deportation” when his sentence is up. Their sentences are to be served staggered so that one parent will be home with the kids at all times.


Prior to being sentenced and in my other scoop-it, I discussed the tactics Teresa was using on her show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. From the Image Restoration Theory we learned that she used mortification, minimization and corrective action. Now that she has been sentenced she is singing to a different tune.


Both Joe and Teresea appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show on Bravo and gave a different feeling to viewers.  Instead of seeming as remorseful and showing mortification like before, she was giving statements making it seem that her sentencing was too harsh and that she did not deserve the time she got.


She said to Cohen, “I was not expecting jail time” and Joe spoke on her behalf saying, “She did not have any part in my businesses.”


Teresa is less apologetic and doesn’t apologize to her fans and audiences as she did prior to her sentence.  She also shifts blame onto Joe more by saying “I should read things over before I sign them,” implying that the bank fraud papers were only signed by her because he asked her too.


Prior to sentencing, Teresa exhibited more mortification by apologizing and asking for forgiveness for their mistakes while Joe never would speak nor admit wrongdoing. 


Joe finally said in his interview that, “there were illegal things such as tax returns and stuff like that”, another change we are seeing in him finally speaking out, when before he never would.


He takes any of the blame now and shows some mortification while Teresa is deflecting blame to him and her legal team and trying to bolster herself.


They are using bolstering for Teresa by saying that she has always paid her taxes and she has never done anything illegal which the judge also makes note of in her sentencing. They are trying to focus on all of the good things she has done in order to take attention away from this negative situation.


Another tactic that is being used, which looks bad on Teresa’s part, is attacking the accuser. The reason I think this strategy fits here is because in the our reading from The University of Texas Arlington, the last page talks about Image Restoration Accounts, Excuses and Apologies and it goes on to list strategies. The second strategy is attacking the accuser and it states, “the goal here is to have this counter-attack undermining the credibility and impact of the accusations.” While this doesn’t exactly fit with Teresa’s case because she isn’t attacking those who accused her, it does work.


She states in her interview that she “did not fully understand what she was agreeing to (with the plea deal)” and that she just “did what the lawyers told her to do.” 


She then went on to say that they did not make it clear to her that she would get prison time and that she feels her team let her down stating, “I thought that’s what lawyers were for, they’re suppose to fight for you.” She then went on to say that she has not spoken to the lawyers since their sentencing.


The whole interview she is shifting the blame of her sentence onto her legal team and her lawyer who was always seen with her.  She suggests that she wouldn’t be doing jail time if it wasn’t for them. The reason I think it fits is because she is doing anything to shift the blame of her jail onto someone else and she is attacking her legal team.


The reading says that attacking the accuser can be used to “help shift the attention away from the alleged wrong-doing of the original target to a new prey,” and Teresa is trying to make her legal team the new target by saying they let her down and did not explain anything to her.  By doing this she also throws mortification out of the window because she is saying she only pleaded guilty because she thought it would mean no jail time and that if she knew she would go to prison, she would have never pleaded guilty.


Another theory that will be interesting to see the outcome of with this situation is Kant’s Reinforcement Theory. With Kant’s theory, it is says that if you reward good behavior then that behavior will be repeated so you would think that if you discipline bad behavior, then it will stop. Kant disagrees and thinks that even if you punish bad behavior, it will still continue but the person will just try harder not to get caught. This theory fits this case perfectly and it will be interesting to see if Teresa and Joe will stop the illegal behavior or if they will continue to try to find loopholes in the system for some extra cash.  It makes you wonder if they truly are remorseful and are sorry for their wrongdoing, or they just wish they never got caught. 

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'Catfish' host Nev Schulman tweets about Ray Rice but he also punched a woman

'Catfish' host Nev Schulman tweets about Ray Rice but he also punched a woman | Reality TV and PR |
Nev Schulman, host of the MTV show “Catfish,” who spends his days making Internet romances a reality, has caused a stir with a tweet he posted about the Ray Rice scandal.
Kim Chappelear's insight:

        Like my previous Scoop It involving Teresa Guidice, this articles also uses the Image Restoration Theory.  The difference is the strategies from the theory that each star uses. Guidice used strategies like accepting responsibility, apologizing for her offenses and showing remorse, in this article about Nev Schulman from MTV’s “Catfish” punching a girl in college he uses different strategies like evading responsibility and reducing the offensiveness.


        The controversy started when Nev tweeted about the Ray Rice scandal implying that Rice is a coward and real men are patient and honorable and don’t hit woman. He sent his tweet with a picture of him in an elevator saying that “this elevator is abuse free,” with the hashtag #RESPECT.


        The stir was caused because Schulman himself was once arrested for punching a woman. He is open about the incident in his new book but he still gives a statement that contains many PR strategies that we have read about.  Even though Schulman says in his statement that he was later released from custody with no charges, he was dismissed from Sarah Lawrence College in his junior year. Schulman then cleared up to the press that his tweet was only meant to raise awareness about domestic abuse.


         As I’ve said, Schulman’s statement uses evading responsibility and reducing the offensiveness. Evading responsibility comes in when he explains the story and what happened that night. He uses the strategy of asserting, which is explained in the “Pay for Play” article by Jacob Selzer as “asserting that the accused party was provoked into their actions by another wrongful act.” He does this by saying how he was attacked first and how his response was in the heat of the moment, in self-defense and that he didn’t realize that it was a woman he was hitting. He compares himself to feeling like a dog with a choke collar implying that he was being choked by the assailant. 


        He then goes on to say how he came back to the scene after fleeing to see that the “short, stocky, crew-cut-styled individual I fought with was a woman” which shows him trying to evade responsibility by implying that it was an accident he hit a woman because she looked so much like a man, which I think looks very bad on his part. 


        The other strategy used from the Image Restoration Theory is reducing offensiveness which Schulman does by first using minimization when he talks about how there were no charges filed against him and the case was “dismissed almost immediately” implying that his offense was really just in self-defense and the police realized that and let him go.


        Differentiation is used because his incident is compared to Ray Rice’s since it was brought up due to Schulman’s tweet about Rice and he says how his post was used to “raise awareness about the awful abuses of domestic violence” but his incident was nothing like and nowhere near as bad as the domestic violence abuse that Ray Rice used.


        Transcendence is another strategy used because he puts his incident into a different context. At first all the storylines said were “Catfish star expelled from school for punching woman” or something along those lines and there is more to the story that that. Schulman tells his story and defends his actions and reminds readers he was released right away and that the occurrence wasn’t as it was being portrayed in the media.


        He attacks the accuser in telling his story and making it seem as if she deserved it and she was responsible for it since she attacked him. He also does that in his description of the woman which is almost insulting saying he mistook her for a man. He also attacks the school saying, “they took the opportunity” and tossed him out and he never even got to finish his junior year making it seem as though they unfairly expelled him.


        While Schulman’s strategies are needed because from the stories I’ve read he does seem innocent and doesn’t want the wrong perception of him put out, some of his tactics were unneeded like saying it was her fault he hit her because she looked like a man and blaming the school for kicking him out. I also think the detail he told his story in was one-sided because he takes no responsibility whatsoever in the event taking place. 


        Schulman, in my opinion,  put this story in his book on purpose so when it came out, because it would have eventually, it looks as if he wasn’t hiding it and is open about the incident. Also the words he chose when writing his story,  his description used and the tactics used were part of protecting his public image. 

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Wet Willie: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Takes On The Ice Bucket Challenge | Reality TV Magazine

Wet Willie: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Takes On The Ice Bucket Challenge | Reality TV Magazine | Reality TV and PR |
Wet Willie: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Takes On The Ice Bucket Challenge Willie Robertson raises money for ALS research.
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