How Real-Time Bidding Benefits Everybody


Real-time bidding sounds complicated due to the algorithms necessary to keep it running. At its core, it is an automated bidding process that allows hundreds of advertisers to compete for a specific ad space in real time. How does this method allow advertisers to target the best possible audience for marketing campaigns?


Every user is represented by an anonymous cookie containing important data. This includes their age, location, gender, occupation, browsing activity, and purchasing habits. When this user clicks on a website, the publisher's script automatically requests bids from several hundred possible advertisers. It informs these advertisers that there is a user that fits the demographic data that they desire. The less related an advertiser is to the user, the lower the advertiser's bid will be. Bids are compared within a second. The advertiser with the highest bid gets their ad displayed for that particular impression. Wave Digital Media deal with RTB and advertising services. To know more visit


RTB allows advertisers to test marketing strategies on individual people at a huge scale. RTB does not waste any of the advertiser's impressions on viewers who are nowhere near the target demographic. RTB also makes sure that audiences only view ads that may be of value to them. At the same time, the publisher is also able to deliver advertisements that are always relevant to its visitors, no matter who these visitors happen to be. RTB provides a winning scenario for all of the parties involved. It gives revenue for the publisher, more customers for the advertiser, and more relevant content for the audience.