ReadItToMe Pro v1.2.1 APK Rob J | July 3, 2013 | Tools | Requirements: 2.2+ | 395.13 KB ReadItToMe Pro reads out your incoming callers, sms messages and other app notifications, translating txt speak into normal language. In ANY language. Translates txt speak ReadItToMe will translate your sms messages into proper english so you can understand what s being read. You can even add your own words and translations easily through the UI. With ReadItToMe this: SMS from John: Btw dat woz amazin, I dunno y I wasn t gonna go lol Becomes This: New message received from John. By the way that was amazing, I don t know why I wasn t going to go laugh out loud” Any Language ReadItToMe supports ANY language as long as your TTS engine (and Voice engine) has that language installed. If the default Android TTS doesn t support your language I d recommend trying IVONA TTS. Voice Reply ReadItToMe Pro also has voice reply for sms messages so you can reply to or call that contact using your voice, complete

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