Sparrow Road by Sheila O'Connor | Reading |

“No music.  No TV.  No computer.  No telephone. And everyday, silence until supper.”  Those are the rules of Sparrow Road, an eerie artist mansion in the country, where Raine O’Rourke is forced to spend her summer.  And worse, she can’t figure out why her mother agreed to work there as a cook. “Not everything’s a mystery,” her mother warns, when Raine pesters her with questions, but Sparrow Road is full of secrets Raine intends to solve.  Why did her mother take this sudden job out in the country?  What’s the truth behind the silent, brooding owner, Viktor?  The aging poet, Lillian?  What happened to the missing orphans that lived once in the attic?  Cheered on by a cast of quirky artists that live there at the mansion, Raine sets out in search of clues. It's a summer full of mysteries and strange adventures, but it’s an unexpected secret from Raine’s own life that changes her forever. 


A delightful story about improbable friendships and the power of imagination, Sparrow Road is an enchanted world that will win the reader’s heart.

Via Julie Hulbert