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Cruxbot - A web application to summarize web pages.


Cruxbot is a web summarization tool that distills web pages to their essence, a few notes that will help the user get the gist of the article he could have been reading. It helps internet user who go through tons of online web-pages and are overwhelmed with information overload by giving them short and precise information. Thus Cruxbot helps you to understand web-pages in a better and efficient manner. It will extract all the meaningful content from the web-page, throwing away the unnecessary and annoying clutter from the page. The following are the salient features of Cruxbot: * It gives you the gist of the web-page so that you don't have to go through the entire article, thus saves your precious time. * You can increase or decrease the number of sentences included in the summary depending on the time you have and the level of detail you want from the article. * It also gives you the important keywords around which the whole article revolves. You can select a particular keyword and view the summary from that point-of-view. * Read web in a clutter-free and clean interface free from those annoying ads and popups. The Android App for Cruxbot is also now available on Google Play!!