USA (April 14, 2013) – My Vacuum Reviews is an extensive web resource dedicated to reporting on and reviewing top rated vacuum cleaners and related products. The owner describes herself as, “Just a mom…and a wife…on a quest for the perfect vacuum cleaner!” That quest has led to an impressive and still-growing database with some of the most comprehensive information on vacuum cleaner products anywhere on the web.


The best part about My Vacuum Reviews is that these are not corporate-backed reviews designed to sell a product. They are honest and well-organized reviews on best-rated vacuum cleaners that provide relevant information for not just the hardware but also where and to whom that hardware would be of most benefit.


The site is divided into various sections so visitors can easily find information on the type of product they are in the market to purchase. If it is offered by any of the leading manufacturers, there is likely to be information about it available on My Vacuum Reviews. This includes all kinds of floor cleaning machines including carpet shampooers and accessories like handheld vacuums and spot cleaners. They even provide reviews and to automated floor cleaners as well as direct links for purchase of all the products they review.


My Vacuum Reviews provides valuable information on vacuum cleaners for all users and applications. They offer information on the best rated household vacuum cleaners for the elderly, for allergy suffers, for dorm rooms and others. No matter what your budget, there is a vacuum out there that will meet your needs and My Vacuum Reviews is committed to putting the right vacuum in the hands of the right user.


Visitors to My Vacuum Reviews will also find product articles and links to other helpful household products with frequent updates that keep consumers in the loop when new products arrive or when improvements are made to existing products. The owner admits to being obsessed with vacuum cleaners and that kind of devotion can only mean the best possible feedback on top-rated products.


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