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Windows 10 1803 Crashes Computers with Intel SSD – Solution Here
Windows 10 April 2018 Update may crash computers with Intel SSD. This post also has listed some other Windows 10 update errors.
RS Components bolsters educational support with new tools to inspire young engineering talent –
RS Components (RS) has introduced new ranges of tools from Seeed Studio, Arduino and Bare Conductive...
Video: How a Raspberry Pi thin client stacks up against a Windows 10 laptop
See how each compares when it comes to running Windows 10.
Community backed Kaby Lake SBC ships with downloadable Ubuntu image
DFRobot has fulfilled KS orders for its Kaby Lake based LattePanda Alpha SBC, and is shipping a model with 8GB RAM and 64GB eMMC without OS that supports Windows 10 or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Unlocking the Full Potential of IoT Farming - [BTC...
Unlocking the Full Potential of IoT Farming - [BTC Media Sponsor] You don’t need to be an agriculture expert to see the writing on the wall. Current farming methods just aren’t working anymore for...
Experiment | mBot Pt. 1
Want to build something and experience the fun of seeing it in action immediately? The mBot makes that happen.
Trying a quick turn hand-assembly prototype service @dangerousproto « Adafruit Industries – Maker...
Dangerous prototypes talks about using a PCB assembly shop for a rush project: These Bus Pirate v5 prototypes were hand-assembled by a random PCBA shop on Taobao.Assembly took two days and cost 80…...
Raspberry Pi 3B+ Retro Gaming Bundle –
The ultimate Raspberry Pi retro gaming bundle! Gaming on the Raspberry Pi has never felt so nostalgic!Including two controllers for epic two-player battles.  Kit includes: Latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus (64bit Quad Core, 1GB RAM) 2x ThePiHut USB Gamepad / Controller ("SNES" Style) 16GB Class ...
Raspberry Pi Integration
signageOS has developed the first universal raspberry pi integration for digital signage smart and standalone devices. The API provides all updates for the operating system and the applications. The rapsberry pi provides seamless playback, platform security, reliability, and manageability.