‎'Leap'ing with joy- songs that represent cheerful enjoyment, exultation of spirit , joie de vivre. : When heart is happy, and filled with love, and anticipation, it sings, even while driving. This happy song captures this spirit. Fabulous composition of Pancham, fantastic singing by Kishore. The yodelling by Kishore is this lovely song is out of this world. Love this song.

चला जाता हूँ, किसी की धुन में
धड़कते दिल के, तराने लिये
मिलन की मस्ती, भरी आँखों में
हज़ारों सपने, सुहाने लिये

Ritesh Gadhvi Out of the world yodeling by Kishore,

If we try, our throat chokes up at yodelling part, and its not simply yodelling like ha ha he he, but lyrically he does yodelling, And also the gap is very less between yodelling and normal part, to switch over that fast is just too difficult, which imo only Kishore can pull off.

There are so many songs of Kishore to marvel at his talent. Giving one of eg, though not of Pancham, "Meri Lottery Lag Jane wali hai", the various sounds and voices he makes is awesome....and ofc these all were recorded live, whole song in one take, unlike today's copy paste method....But what if the technology has improved, we still don't have anyone like KISHORE KUMAR.


Hema S Myusic Absolutelyfantastic! the melody , the tempo and kishore's rendition is out of the world!

Khantha Mahadevan Such a dear favorite!

Sangeeta Gupta Love this song. Evergreen. Even my 18 year old daughter loves it.

Via Sangeet Ke Sitaare