Raising the Power of Education
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Raising the Power of Education
We have orphan and poor children who have been attending the school but going without books,Stationary, bags and uniform. kindly help us to provide books, bags and uniform a child, don’t allow a child to suffer while our children go to school and enjoy life, kindly visit http://christpublicschool.com and make small donation as you are lead. I request to you please donate only $ 30 will provide books, Stationary, bags and uniform a child, and if you are touched to donate more kindly you are requested to help these orphan and poor children of CHRIST PUBLIC SCHOOL .
God is telling us, that he will remember those who remember the needy in times of distress and God will bless those who support those in need, let’s set an example, give as you are giving to God not man, and God will bless you, kindly make a small donation as much as can and help save a life.I trust God will touch your heart to consider this request.

Please join us in showing our community that together we are “Raising the Power of Education”
your brother in Christ
principal of school Amin Issac (+923004048150 )
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