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Brazilian companies are ready to meet the growing demand for food globally, according to businessmen and leaders of organizations and agencies of food exporters. However, these companies need to invest continuously in distribution, logistics and transportation, and especially in technology, to maintain the current pace of productivity in Brazil.

Only the segment of sugar and alcohol, for example, is forecast investment of BRL 1.5 billion by 2015 to improve logistics flow of the production of sugar and ethanol. "The investments in railways, ports and terminals will reduce by 20% the logistics costs of delivery of sugar, which will increase the power of attractiveness of Brazilian products in international trade," said Luiz Roberto Pogetti, chairman of Copersucar in the conference "Brazil as food granary of the world."

Source: http://www.valor.com.br/brasil/2871756/logistica-precisa-melhorar#ixzz29qTH5NRP

Photo: http://www.tecnologistica.com.br/transporte-aereo/multimodalidade/copersucar-amplia-terminal-em-ribeirao-preto/

By Ricardo Escudero Viñas

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