Midnight’s Children star Satya Bhabha talks production | rahmat duzn know | Scoop.it

A military cricket game had taken over the Sri Lankan field where the cast and crew of Midnight’s Children were supposed to be filming.

They waited patiently for the match to end, only to have soccer players rush the field and start their own game when it eventually did.


But the production team for Canadian director Deepa Mehta’s film, adapted from Salman Rushdie’s Booker Prize-winning novel, refused to reschedule the shoot.


Instead, the assistant director “literally ran onto the field, took the ball and ran away with the players chasing after her,” lead actor Satya Bhabha said over lunch with cast and crew at the Toronto International Film Festival.


They shot that scene particularly fast, Bhabha said with a laugh as the table buzzed with excitement the day after the epic movie’s gala screening in September. The movie opens in Toronto theatres Friday.

It was just one of many “gifts and challenges” filming in Sri Lanka posed to cast and crew over five and a half months, Bhabha said, to the agreement of his colleagues.