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NBA Sued For Racism, Lack Of Diversity

NBA Sued For Racism, Lack Of Diversity | Racism_ By Brandon Teo | Scoop.it
  Startling allegations were released as statistical analysis showed an incredible lack of diversity in the National Basketball Association.  Current reports show that 78% of all NBA players a...

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BrandonTeoZX's insight:

This is an area that surprises me a little. While it is true that majority of well-known basketball players are blacks, there has to be certain white players in basketball teams that play equally or even better than their black counterparts. But to me, the coaches and managers think that only black players are good at basketball due to most of them having a taller physique.


I always thought that sports would be an area where people are not prejudiced against each other, but it seems that I was wrong. Not only do coaches think that black players are better, they also do not give chances to white players who aspire to be basketball players themselves.   


TonyEacklesJr's comment, April 19, 2013 2:43 PM
Do you think that a professional sports league should have a diversity rule? If so, what would be the qualifications? Also, do you believe if they don't meet those diversity standards that they should be sued?
TonyEacklesJr's comment, April 21, 2013 10:54 PM
The NBA can not help the fact that they have a league of predominantly black players so I do not believe that they should be sued for that. The lack of diversity in the league should not be a reason they could be sued, many other professional leagues lack diversity as well. Should all of them be sued too?
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ASA South Africa drops investigation into "racist" charity ad - Brand Republic News

ASA South Africa drops investigation into "racist" charity ad - Brand Republic News | Racism_ By Brandon Teo | Scoop.it
South Africa‘s Advertising Standards Authority has dropped an investigation into a controversial charity ad that showed a white woman feeding scraps to a black child, after the organisation withdrew the spot and apologised. - Brand Republic

Via Nat Turner
BrandonTeoZX's insight:

Firstly, I am honestly  not surprised by the acts of racism in this advertisement. This clearly shows that the whites think they are more superior than the African race, and therefore, the black children can only survive on the scraps the whites of America throw down to them.


Secondly, this means that to people, the lines between racism jokes and racist remarks have become blurred. this is shown in the ad, where the people can even approve of this idea and not call it racist, rather as a good ad that will sell well to viewers. 

Nat Turner's curator insight, July 12, 2014 8:21 PM

Racism, subtle and blatant is bursting out all over the place.
With some going as far as reviving the old apartheid anthem, 
it is becoming increasingly clear, 
that the road ahead is not going to be as peaceful as we'd wish.
This anarchy to come is being aided and abetted by our irresponsible social network sites like Facebook, and Twitter, 
who support and therefore encourage racism,
it's not like they don't have Black African membership,
but they see fit to disrespect us.
The Boeremag (farmer force) a White racist terror group jailed in
Azania - South Africa for trying to bomb the late
President Nelson Mandela,
then start a race war where all "non Whites" would
be driven out of the country and an all White state set up,
is being supported by Facebook who hosts a support page for them.
Is Facebook, and Twitter who also support the same ilk, really unaware of the cauldron they are helping to stir ? 
please sign the petition against this.
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RACISM: Black Panther Promises To Kill All White Babies

RACISM: Black Panther Promises To Kill All White Babies | Racism_ By Brandon Teo | Scoop.it
Many people have started to speak out in frustration against the double standard that exists in today’s society regarding racism. The video above shows a black man making some pretty extreme statements about white people, and yet the video has not been receiving nearly as much criticism as if the roles were reversed. The fact that people claim that racism against the white population in American doesn’t exist is just ignorant. Awareness on the issue is perhaps lowered because the mainstream media continues to remain silent on the issue. The fact is, racism goes both ways. What do you think of this disgusting video?
BrandonTeoZX's insight:

It is not just those certain whites that are racist. There are black American citizens which do not like the whites either. As the saying goes, "what comes around goes around".


This stems from a long history of violence and struggles for freedom. Certain whites feel that the blacks have taken too much advantage of their freedom, and certain blacks never really forgave how white Americans have treated and viewed them in the past. This creates a never ending cycle of hatred, and hence, racial clashes have ensued in the streets of America till this very day.

Ho jun rong's curator insight, July 13, 2014 9:07 AM

This is very unfair to white babies as they cannot defend themselves and this would be a slaughter.