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1. sexism in the work place

2. A. this country was built on the foundation of every one being equal with the same standards and expectations, and that every one was ment to be treated equal.   

 B.there is no real excuse for such behavior.

 C. "lowers and devalues the discussion on an important policy issue that is of very real concern to the American people."

3.sexist comments are a cheap laugh.

4."this is a topic where passions run high, but even so there is no excuse for such behavior."

5."such efforts deserve more than the nasty comments of someone who prefers to shoot for a cheap laugh rather than contribute to the effort to compromise."

6.She feels srongly about how women are treated in the work place and she feels it is her place to make it clear theat these comments are crude and are not called for.

7.People who are concerned about hot topics in the world and how they should be delt with, these comments are turning more and more into a problem.

8.yes, because i feel that this is a very important matter that people need to stop dealing so lightly with.

9.JRH, On sexism,Sexist comments Have No Place in Policy Discussions,Saturday, February 11, 2012.