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I’d like to think that, as consumers, we’re getting a little better at questioning some of the healthful promises made on food labels. We know that candy that’s “made with real fruit,” for example, is still candy.


Why would Pearson offer a free LMS?

For one thing, Pearson doesn’t need to sell OpenClass. Its emphasis — indeed, its strategy — lies elsewhere. Pearson is the largest education company in the world — with or without success in the LMS market — with profits of £208 million for the first half of this year alone. Its educational sales are up 9%; it’s educational profits are up 31%. Much those sales and profits come from educational content: textbooks — both print and digital — as well as other curriculum offerings. (Much of the profits come from assessment products and services too — Pearson sells the textbooks and the standardized tests. That’s pretty damn lucrative, clearly.)

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