Pros of having a Storage Facility in Bahrain | Quality Storage Facility |

Imagine this scenario; you have just re-located to Bahrain for a prestigious project. You have been given a small apartment by your company but it is barely enough for you to keep all your goods. You can’t simply ship the goods that you don’t need back to your country. Not only the shipping cost is high but you never know when you might require them.

Doesn’t this situation sound familiar?  What do you do in such a situation? Well, there’s a solution. Opt for storage units. Not only are they cost effective but they are also ideal for storing goods that you may not need immediately.  So here is some advice of what you should do and what you shouldn’t while hunting for a storage unit.

First of all, make sure that the storage unit is in an area where it is convenient for you to travel. Ideally, it should be close to where you stay as transportation and commuting becomes easier and affordable cost-wise. Once you have found a storage unit nearby, make sure you go and personally check the place out. Ask the manager a lot of questions regarding the conditions, size, etc. This will also give you some idea about how good the storage unit is.


Check if there is adequate lighting in the storage unit for you to move about so that you can keep your goods safely. Check if there is any dampness or any cracks on the walls, flooring and the ceiling.
This is an essential checking that you must do personally because the dampness can damage your goods while the cracks can give birth to nuisance like rodents, insects and even cockroaches which are not good for your goods.


Ask the manager how many times security check is done around the units. Ask for the CCTV camera footage check period as well. Go and check where the CCTV surveillance has been setup and if it’s in working order. Another aspect regarding security you should check is the register where records of all visitors are maintained. This will give you some idea of how the security is at the units.


Next, go and check different sizes of the storage units available.  Make sure you don’t select a very small size because it’s not the cost but how much of your goods that you can store. A very small storage unit may not be the right choice as you may often end up cramming your goods which can result in damage. Don’t opt for a large one until and unless you really need it. Wastage of space is a big no-no as you are investing your hard earned money.


Remember one thing; you are investing in a storage unit because you need one. It is your space and the goods that you are going to store are yours.  Be judicious in your spending as well as storing.  After all you are going to use your hard earned money in getting a storage unit.