U learn presentation 2012 qr codes ar tech
Dave Beehre's Presentation for uLearn 2012.The Physical and Virtual Divide: Qr Codes and AR Tech within the classroom...some great ideas
Osaka JALT Language Teaching in Osaka Japan - The latest news & opinions about language teaching ...
By Cameron Romney

Over on the EdTech blog , Kimberly talks about Quick Response (QR) code s and...
QR Code Fitness Trail
Instructional exercise videos on a fitness trail. This could be so easily set up in a school playground and field. Also could be another way of doing orienteering.
Ways to use QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom and Using Google Docs to Create Them
Lots of great ideas of how to use QR codes. Plus find out how to create numerous QR codes on a Google Spreadsheet.
Classroom in the Cloud: 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom
Using QR Codes in the Classroom | Augme Mobile Technologies | Mobile Marketing | SMS Text Marketi...
One of our loyal readers pointed us to this fantastic blog post on 50 ways to use QR codes in college classrooms.
QR Codes Embedded in Paintings
What a brilliant idea for children's art! They insert QR codes into their artwork to explain the meaning behind their work or link to influences or explain the techniques they have used. Or tell a story (linking to literacy).
Life is not a race to be first finished
Ten posts by Allanah King on using QR codes in education.
Life is not a race to be first finished » Blog Archive » QR Codes #10 QRNote
Great post by Allanah King, last of 10 posts on QR codes, looking at QRNote and its use in the classroom.
Using QR codes to create educational posters | Teacher Tech
Great ideas for how to use QR codes to create posters.