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When your world is only a green screen
A beautiful color, Purple, one of a beautiful color in the spectrum comes into your life
With a quite big tremor, it strikes your life

It made you smile and fly
Its distraction can't be handled easily
Its amazing seduction can't just be ignored...

It made you happy and content,
Your heart's pounding with amusement
Your eyes are blinded by it dazzling lights

You can't deny
You can't hide
Purple's too good to refuse...

You think it causes the happiness in your life
You think it's the last thing on earth that can make you smile
You think it completes you...
But my dear heart...
You are sadly mistaken...

Nothing you can expect from a purple beauty
As it is far too high
Out beyond your reach...
At the end of the day
You'll be cornered again
Feeling crashed and devastated

You should have known that Purple's not for you...(NEVER!!!)
No matter how good it makes you feel
No matter how lovely it may seem
It's not yours after all
No matter how hard you try to make it yours
It just simply doesn't belong to you... full stop.

So, just rest my dear heart...
Rest in your Green world...
Who says that Green's ugly?
You can find happiness inside your own color
You're just perfect in the color you're in
Stop worrying about the Purple's temptation
It's just something that you can smile at
Not a thing that's worth to be crazy for...