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I'm sorry what you want to do during the maintenance phase is begin to practice let me pause here again so during the maintenance phase limit our meals to 14 hour window in this case I'm recommending sometime between six and ten and again i would emphasize that there’s flexibility here you're feeding window could occur anytime arm it's just that I found in my work with patients that this the six to 10 p.m. time works best for having a social life so you can go out with friends and family out to dinner on attend a party in the evening if you will and still appear to not be dieting so work the intermittent fasting protocol during the maintenance phase allows you to do is to moralist resume a normal social lifestyle are what I recommend during the period the fasting is to consume some form love a liquid you do not want to dehydrate yourself and strictly speaking I during are fasting period we are allowed actually to a consume caloric beverages so coffee may be consumed green tea is a good choice fiber supplements particularly psylliumand metal cell cellulose and 10 another supplement that can be consumed it eyes something called branched chain amino acids and I'll talk about those mornings sucking but the idea here is that you are allowed a certain amount of calories that may come through any of these I'll up forms have nutrients well one question that often people asks what can I eat during the feeding window.