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Ludacris Dreams: A Rap Mogul Diversifies His Empire - Forbes

Ludacris Dreams: A Rap Mogul Diversifies His Empire - Forbes | Public Relations |
One of the most diversified artists on this year’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, Ludacris pulled in $12 million over the past year thanks to Soul headphones, a cognac line called Conjure, voiceovers for RadioShack, music sales, roles in films including...


Ludacris, who is now ranked No.10 on this year’s Hip Hop Cash Kings list, earned over $12 million this past year in more ways than just rapping. The international rap mogul has raked in millions from Soul, his line of headphones, a cognac line called Conjure, voiceovers for RadioShack, and in movie roles such as Fast Five and New Year’s Eve.


Along with this success, Ludacris receiving constant positive feedback from his managers and business partners. Kevin Liles, the former Def Jam President who signed the rapper said, “He’s engaging, he’s personable. That right there was part of his foundation to be in different businesses. Because to be diversified in business, you have to be a diversified person.”


Ludacris has developed a strategic marketing plan that has reeled in more consumers than he ever did with his music career. Guth and Marsh discuss integrated marketing communications in Adventures of Public Relations. “IMC strives to send one clear message through a variety of media, often to individual consumers. New technology, such as computer databases and interactive media, helps IMC practitioners build relationships with small groups or even single consumers” (p.169).


Ludacris successfully diversified his market by utilizing the process of IMC. By targeting the millions of fans he has through his rap music, Ludacris had a great platform to sell his Soul headphones.


With his established target market, he has profited from his cognac line as well as his appearances in The Fast and the Furious films. RadioShack has even utilized his recognizable voice by using him as a voiceover for their commercials.


Ludacris used to only sell rap music to a specific market of young men ages 18-24. Now that IMC has come into play, the mass media he is using to gain revenue is more specialized and centered on specific target audiences. Ludacris has different products for each audience, which benefits his annuity.


By applying IMC to Ludacris’ success, we can conclude that unifying the strategies of PR, advertising, marketing, and sales have maximized cost effectiveness, as well as the businesses that he has partnered with.

Via Emily Skeels
Tegan Thomas's insight:

Ludacris has shown many artists how to connect to different markets by launching different consumables to different ages. He started with his rapping and with much thought and deliberation he has done his research and come up strong with many different outlets. With the use of IMC he has reached a goal that is strong and he is a well known name because of it. 

Analiese Rands's comment, August 12, 2013 8:14 PM
Agree with you statement Tegan as Ludacris used IMC well to meet his objectives and has ande profit from planning and applying IMC strategies.
Chelsea Tidswell's comment, August 20, 2013 2:18 AM
Ludacris is such a successful rapper, selling and endorsing merchandise would simply be something on the side for him to earn extra money. With his fame and well planned IMC strategies, he is definitely a great person to use for marketing aspects.
Gorretti Lili Hakalo Vea's comment, August 21, 2013 6:01 AM
I agree with Tegan, Luda had the ability to do more then just limit his success to rapping. The business man in him to use IMC to expand his inability to be more then a rapper has gotten him to where he is now. No.10 on the hip hop cash kings list .
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Getting to the Heart of the Matter on Instagram

Getting to the Heart of the Matter on Instagram | Public Relations |

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photo-sharing site Instagram can be worth a lot more to brands constantly trying to cut through the clutter. ... But PR execs have to look at Instagram in a different light, according to Matt Rozen, group manager of corporate social media at Adobe.


The photo-sharing site, which Facebook acquired last year for $1 billion, isn’t necessarily designed to draw people to a different Web destination, but play directly to their emotional center.


“I don't think people click on links in Instagram comments, nor do I think people will take action” if there is a call to action embedded in the picture, said Rozen. “People look at Instagram for a quick fix, a laugh, to be inspired or even to be surprised.”


The challenge for PR pros is how to convert words that take up a good part of the daily PR traffic into images that will enhance their messages....

Via Jeff Domansky
Tegan Thomas's insight:

It's interesting to see how PR people are trained to have a different mind set about social media sites


Chelsea Tidswell's comment, August 7, 2013 4:52 AM
I agree Tegan. This is very interesting how they see social media in a completely different way as to how i see it. I see it as a way of sharing photos with my friends, not targeting their emotions.
Analiese Rands's comment, August 12, 2013 8:21 PM
Instagram is a site used to share images with friends and i agree with Tegan. Businesses see social media in a different way than us as we only use instagram for fun.
Gorretti Lili Hakalo Vea's comment, August 21, 2013 6:05 AM
I agree with tegan. I don't get how PR people can see it in that way. I myself have recently joined instagram and I don't believe that it has any means to target emotions