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@DemocracyOS will become the operating system of a more #open and #participatory #government

@DemocracyOS will become the operating system of a more #open and #participatory #government | Public Datasets - Open Data - |

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luiy's insight:

We are working on a user-friendly, open-source, vote and debate tool, crafted for parliaments, parties and decision-making institutions that will allow citizens to get informed, join the conversation and vote on topics, just how they want their representatives to vote. A tool that will transform the noise we create during protests into a signal that has a clear, direct and strong impact on the political system. Our vision is that DemocracyOS will become the operating system of a more open and participatory government. Live Demo for the City of Buenos Aires.


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Scooped by luiy!

JeDEM - #eJournal of #eDemocracy and Open Government | #opengob

JeDEM - #eJournal of #eDemocracy and Open Government | #opengob | Public Datasets - Open Data - |
JeDEM - eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government
luiy's insight:

Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

This issue presents the best papers from the CeDEM13 (Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2013) that received the highest scores by the reviewers. The papers in this issue have been extended and/or updated.


Scientific Research Papers


- Online parliamentary election campaigns in Scotland: a decade of research
Graeme Baxter, Rita Marcella


- The Five Stars Movement in the Italian Political Scenario. A Case for Cybercratic Centralism?
Rosanna De Rosa


- Understanding E-Democracy Government-Led Initiatives for Democratic Reform
Julie Freeman, Sharna Quirke


- Safe Online e-Services Building Legitimacy for E-government. A Case Study of Public E-services in Education in Sweden.
Mariana Gustafsson, Wihlborg Elin


- Parliamentary Information Visualization as a Means for Legislative Transparency and Citizen Empowerment?
Aspasia Papaloi, Dimitris Gouscos

- Re-Designing Open Data 2.0
Alon Peled

- Collective Action “Going Digital”: Overcoming Institutional and Micro-Structural Constraints through Technology Use

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