Can biofeedback-based videogames help kids regulate anger and emotions? | SharpBrains | Psychology Professionals |

Chil­dren with seri­ous anger prob­lems can be helped by a sim­ple video game that hones their abil­ity to reg­u­late their emo­tions, finds a pilot study at Boston Children’s Hos­pi­tal. Results were pub­lished online Octo­ber 24 in the jour­nal Ado­les­cent Psy­chi­a­try…The fast-paced game involves shoot­ing at enemy space­ships while avoid­ing shoot­ing at friendly ones. As chil­dren play, a mon­i­tor on one fin­ger tracks their heart rate and dis­plays it on the com­puter screen. When heart rate goes above a cer­tain level, play­ers lose their abil­ity to shoot at the enemy space­ships. To improve their game, they must learn to keep calm.”