Marketing And The Single Mom - 10/26/2011...

Single Mothers, you have been typed:


A recent Women at NBCU study divided single moms into four groups, each with its own very different set of experiences, influence and value to marketers:

* "Girl Interrupted” (13% of moms).

This is the most negative of the categorizations. These women are more likely to be Caucasian, young and lower-income. They also tend to live with extended family, but without receiving much support. Yet, they are the most technologically connected of all the mom segments.


*"Dream Girls" (15% of moms). More likely to be Hispanic and receive a lot of family and friend support, Dream Girls have a more positive outlook on life and are excited about being moms.


*"Survivor Mom" (13% of moms). She is older, struggling financially and more likely to be divorced or widowed, but also confident in her parenting choices and buying decisions and the most brand loyal.


*"Secondlife Moms." Also older and more likely to be divorced, these moms tend to be more educated, to work full time, and be financially secure.