Thought Leaders Discuss The Future of Curation & Social Media | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |
We asked Mark Cuban, Dennis Crowley, Gina Bianchini, and more than a dozen others. Here's what they said.


This article by Dan Frommer and Jen Ortiz for Business Insider links to a slideshow with quotes from major Social Media company CEOs and co-founders, intellectuals and a Curated Twitter persona, among others about their takes on the future of Social Media. 


Here's just one of them, from Dae Mellencamp, CEO of Vimeo:


**** "The future of social media is the loss of the distinction between media and social interaction online. Mass media and social media will be seamlessly integrated across devices and platforms to offer relevant, dynamic, personalized experiences for people anywhere.


**Discoverability and the import of editorial curation will not be lost, but rather inherently incorporated into the environments for richer and more customized experiences."


The full article has many more gems and is well worth a few minutes of your time!


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