Beck's : Sobriety Test App- Really? | Psychology of Consumer Behaviour |

Leo Burnett wanted people to drink Becks responsibly that's why they created a mobile app that tests your sobriety. 



(They say if you are drunk you wouldn't be able to fit your key into the keyhole for 25 seconds, and if you can't their app automatically uses th GPS in your phone to locate and call a cab.


So what happens, if a person completes the task and drives drunk, gets in an accident? I'm sure the app would have a disclaimer, but wouldn't they be morally responsible?


Welcome to a truly passive-agressive campaign that simulaneously says "Don't drink too much- Go ahead drink too much!" They pretend they care about you and society. Don't drink too much and drive they say- yet they ply you with ads showing what a great lifestyle you'll have with alcohol and now apps that give you permission to get loaded- you'll be safe you see cause the app will call you a cab.  kh)