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Scooped by Abbey Hughes!

Alchohol Misuse during pregnancy

Fetal Alcohol Sydrome and Psychological factors influenced by mothers prenatal drinking habits. 

Abbey Hughes's insight:

Although it is common knowledge that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can affect a babies development, there is still a wide number of children who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome today.


Although the effects may be obvious from birth, such as stunted growth, limb malformation and damage to the central nervous system, there are many children who do not appear to develop any signs of aversion  to the alcohol misuse until later on.


This article demonstrates the more psychological effects of FAS that develop in later life

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Why Do People Have Dreams?

Why Do People Have Dreams? | Psychology |

pls watch embedded vedios also! Why do people have dreams? - Presenting 9 theories on the purpose of dreams. Possible evolutionary functions include aiding memory and rehearsing threats.

Via Sandeep Gautam, Joanna Boj
Abbey Hughes's insight:

Such an useful insight into a natural process, very interesting to see how theories have developed and matured since the 19th century ideas of Sigmund Freud.I found the idea that sleep is a cognitive processor of memories learned particularly exciting.

Sandeep Gautam's curator insight, September 23, 2013 12:30 PM

pls watch embedded videos also!