Muslims move into mainstream in Rwanda - On Line Opinion - 28/8/2012 | Psycholitics & Psychonomics |
While a minority themselves in Rwanda, Muslims role in protecting Tutsis during the genocide has made a large difference to them.


'Forgiveness is the ability to free oneself from the dependence on another and in this case the perpetrator of the genocide. "If you hate someone, you constantly think about his inhumanity," says Dr Naasson Munyandamutsa, who won the 2011 Prize of Geneva for Human Rights in Psychiatry, and is credited for placing psychiatry at the 'nucleus of public health'. "If you do that, you remain in his grip and cannot escape to shape your life. Neither Muslims nor Christians advocate revenge. Revenge is a trap for resilience. How do individuals give meaning to things again? How do you deal with the unspeakable and reorganise your internal world?"'