Did Czechs plot to blackmail Ted Heath? | Psycholitics & Psychonomics | Scoop.it
BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera investigates an alleged plot to blackmail a former British PM, 40 years after the story first surfaced.


'A [fellow] spy in London named Jan Mrazek had come up with the plan, Frolik said. Mrazek was said to have questioned Heath's unmarried status and concluded that the then-up and coming cabinet minister would be vulnerable to homosexual blackmail.

The plan, it was said, involved exploiting Heath's love of music by training a virtuoso organist named Reinberger.


................. So many 'double entendres' in this story of alleged 'double espionage' - from the love of the organ, to the name of the Czech spy (should that be 'Frolic'?) - it could be a scene from a Carry On film, or a rewrite of BlackAdder.