Energy Land(ing)-scape | Calderara di Reno Italy | PROYECTO ESPACIOS |

Energy Land(ing)-scape | Calderara di Reno Italy

This project seeks to find a effective balance between two principal necessities: to redevelop and revitalize the area, with a strong ecological impact on surrounding territories. The solution was to transform the area into a ZEA: Zero Emission Area.

A ZEA promotes the area and seeks for investments and a new economical initiatives to transform an area into a environmental zone. The project consists of a solar roof installed over the existing warehouse’s roofs and over the outdoor areas, including parking, producing clean energy, reduces emissions, collects water and gives a new image of the region to all people that are taking off or landing in the close Airport of Bologna.

The project seeks to give new life to this area from an economic point of view, as well as to demonstrate how development can have a positive ecological impact.


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Via Lauren Moss