Pros and Cons of Running
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Pros and Cons of Running
Running is a sport that can be done by most people in the world as it does not require much equipment. However, like all things it has it's positives and negatives. Running is a journey from the bottom to the top, the opportunities are endless and the feeling of accomplishment is one that will be cherished forever. As a runner myself, running has taught me many life lessons.from determination to confidence. One has to have and equal balance in their self-esteem They have to have enough self confidence to believe in themselves, but they also need to stay humble and realize that there are so many other talented and perseverance runners in this unknown world. Running is god and bad it is , a painful joy. It helps to relieve stress and take one's mind into anther world, yet hard practices hurt as it involves an increase in lactic acid buildup. Running should be a hobby,but like anything, one shouldn't go overboard and be obsessive. Chase your dreams because life is like a race, there are always ups and downs.
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